Submission of Complaints

Where a port user or Regulated Service Provider has any form of complaint or claim relating to Loss, damage, quality of services or infringement of rights at the ports, the following procedure shall be applicable:

  • i. All complaints shall be sent to NSC in writing, addressed to: The Executive Secretary/CEO Nigerian Shippers’ Council, 4, Otunba Ayodele Soyode Lane, Apapa, Lagos or ectronically through an e-mail:, Telephone: 08188888895, 07035846468.
  • ii. The complaint will be reviewed and acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • iii. Seek response from the party complained against within 48 hours.
  • iv. Conduct further investigation where necessary to arrive at a conclusion and provide appropriate redress.
  • v. Outcome will be communicated to the complainant within 7 days after receipt of complaint.

Obligations of the Complainant

  • i. All complaints must be forwarded either in writing or electronically.
  • ii. Relevant Officers of complaining Organizations must be accessible when needed in the process of handling complaints.
  • iii. Complainants must not withhold useful information.
  • iv. Complaints must be made only for legal and genuine business transactions.
  • v. Information supplied by complainants must be accurate with necessary documentations.

Complaint lodgement through the Port Service Support Portal (PSSP)

  • i. The Complainant sends his request through the Port Service Support Portal. (
  • ii. The Complainant receives acknowledgement for submitting the complaint.
  • iii. Escalation alert will be triggered notifying the relevant department within the NSC of the complaint.
  • iv. The relevant department of the NSC will escalate the complaint to the appropriate Agency to resolve the matter.
  • v. Feedback will be sent to the Complainant.