Advanvce Cargo Declaration


The Federal Government approved the implementation of the International Cargo Tracking Note (ICTN) by the Nigerian Shippers’ Council. The ICTN also known as Advance Cargo Declaration System (ACD) is a global initiative to monitor and verify cargo on transit from port of origin to port of destination.

ICTN is a high tech tool that:

  •   Provides real-time monitoring of security plan of vessels;
  •   Allows real time generation of advanced information on cargo, including type, origin, quantity and other shipment information;
  •   Generates automatic information alert for the port of destination.

     Benefits of the Advance Cargo Declaration

  •  Enhances security and safety of ports and cargo.
  •  Prevents under-declaration of Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of ship.
  •  Prevents under-declaration and concealment of cargo.
  •  Improves revenue accruable to government.
  •  Hastens Vessel Reception and Cargo Clearance Procedures.
  •  Reduces cargo dwell time and ultimately reduction of costs of doing business.
  •  Enhances the determination of freight cost and actual value of sea freight in the transport chain.
  •  Provides credible data and statistics on oil sales, import and export volume, etc.