Emmanuel Jime

Executive Secretary/CEO

I heartily welcome you to the official website of Nigerian Shippers’ Council. It is my hope that you will find the information provided here useful and relevant.

As a Federal Government agency responsible for cargo protection and port economic regulation, the Council remains firmly committed to be fair and unbiased to all stakeholders in the industry.

Transport is a critical determinant in the conduct of international trade and impacts on national economies. The availability, quality, cost, and efficiency of transport services influence the trading environment and the competitiveness of export goods on the international market as well as the cost of imported goods. In this regard, the Nigerian Shippers’ Council serves as an agent for economic development through interventions in cost moderation and cargo transport issues resulting in positive impact on inflationary trends in the country.

The Website provides stakeholders in the port sector with information necessary for doing business competitively and also procedure for lodging complaints. Also, the site provides information on a wide area of trade and transport interests including trade policies, ports charges, local shipping charges and freight rates.

The trade information page explains the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) expected of providers of shipping services at Nigeria Ports as well as Imports and Exports guidelines and exhaustive Imports/Exports Prohibition lists. The website also provides information on the International Cargo Tracking Note (ICTN) otherwise known as Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD).

Information on Cargo Defence Fund including eligibility criteria and procedure for claims are provided on the relevant page. Also, detailed information on the Inland Dry Ports (IDPs), Truck Transit Parks (TTPs), Sea Link and Border Information Centres (BICs) are provided.

Suggestions or comments on the website would be appreciated and should be sent to comments@shipperscouncil.gov.ng

Thank you for visiting.